9.3 Using Formulas

In the last section, we considered how a formula could be built and then how it could be used. This section considers some more complicated formulas that have already been developed and are used in a variety of different situations—cooking, health care, business, and archaeology. We hope that these examples illustrate some of the broad applications of math and how mathematical relationships can be used in making decisions. As you work through these examples, you might consider where else math could be used in each of these topics.

When you are trying to solve a real-life problem mathematically, you often use formulas that have already been developed, so it is important to have ideas on how to apply them.

This section will help you do that, and you might want to make your own list of tips in your math notebook as you work through this section and compare it with the box at the end of this section.

Try asking your friends and family if they have come across any formulas and what they are for.

9.2.1 Finding a Word Formula

9.3.1 Math in Cooking