9.6.2 The More, the Merrier

Activity Symbol Activity: The More, the Merrier

A recipe for a vegetable curry for four people requires 24 oz of rice. By first working out how much rice one person requires, calculate how much rice would be needed for nine people.

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Work out the amount of rice for one person: 24 oz prefix division of four equals six oz.

So, nine people will need nine multiplication six oz equals 54 oz.

You can work this out other ways, too!

Activity Symbol Activity: How Much Medicine?

A patient needs to have 600 mg of a drug each day, given in three doses. Each tablet contains 100 mg of the drug. How many tablets are needed for each dose?

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One tablet contains 100 mg of the drug. [ Remember to check that your answer seems reasonable. ]

Six tablets will contain 600 mg of the drug. The patient will need to take six tablets spread over three doses.

So, the number of tablets in each dose will be six division three equals two.

You can also use a formula here: total number of tablets equals amount of drug required divided by amount of drug in one tablet.

Use the formula to see if you get the same answer.

9.6.1 Other Proportion Solutions

9.6.3 Inverse Proportion