10.1.7 Calculator Exploration: Scientific Notation

In this exploration, you will learn how to use the calculator for scientific notation.

Calculator iconThe calculator can be accessed on the left-hand side bar under Toolkit.

To enter a number that is given in scientific notation into the calculator, use the The location of the 10 to the x button is on the fifth line of buttons on the very left (two buttons left of the button for the number zero). button. You’ll find it here on the calculator.

To input 4.25 multiplication 10 squared, click on the following keys:

Note the parentheses at the end. Before you press Enter, you should see this:

The number in scientific notation appears in the black window. As you type The buttons shown pressed are, multiplication button and power of 10 button, parentheses open in the white window, and these must be closed to complete the expression.

Before investigating what happens if you miss the parentheses, complete this exercise by clicking on the Equals key or pressing Enter. You should see the number converted back into the normal format.

So to convert a number from scientific notation to the normal format, enter it using the The button being shown is the power of 10 key key, and then click on the Equals key or press Enter.

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10.1.8 The Case of the Missing Parentheses