10.1.8 The Case of the Missing Parentheses

Activity Symbol Activity: The Case of the Missing Parentheses

Suppose that you want to find the answer to the following calculation: 6.7 multiplication 10 squared multiplication three

(a) Enter this into the calculator, exactly as it is presented, remembering to close the parentheses after the power (exponent) of 10. Make a note of the answer.

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To enter a number in scientific notation, enter the number, then The buttons being shown are the multiplication button and the power of 10 button, then the power of 10.

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(a) You should get the answer 2010.

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(b) Now repeat the calculation, leaving out the parentheses after the power of 10. What answer do you get this time?

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(b) This time, you get 6700000.

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Look at the two calculations. In the first one, the calculator has done what you wanted. In the second, you didn’t close the parentheses, so the calculator assumed that the “times 3” was part of the exponent, the power of 10.

So be careful using the The button being shown is the power of 10 key. key. Watch the white window as you enter the calculation and remember to close the parentheses when you have completed the power of 10.

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