10.8.1 Self-Check on Big and Small

Tick iconExercise 1: Understanding Scientific Notation

Write the following numbers in full:

a) five multiplication 10 squared

b) 6.734 multiplication 10 super five

c) two multiplication 10 super minus three

d) 3.24 multiplication 10 super minus six

Solutions icon


a) 500

b) 673,400

c) 0.002

d) 0.0000324

Tick iconExercise 2: Writing Scientific Notation

Re-write the following numbers in scientific notation:

a) 6,200

b) 1,425,000

c) 0.02

d) 0.000569

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a) 6.2 multiplication 10 cubed

b) 1.425 multiplication 10 super six

c) two multiplication 10 super minus two

d) 5.69 multiplication 10 super minus four

Tick iconExercise 3: Working with Exponents

Using the rules you have learned for working with exponents with the same base number work out the following showing your final answer in exponent form.

a) 10 squared multiplication 10 super four

b) five super minus one multiplication five cubed

c) three super minus three multiplication three super minus three

d) 10 squared division 10 super four

e) six super seven division six cubed

f) eight super four division eight squared multiplication eight super six

Solutions icon


a) 10 super six

b) five squared

c) three super minus six

d) 10 super minus two

e) six super four

f) eight super eight

10.8.2 Self-Check on Scale Diagrams