10.8.3 Self-Check on Perimeters

Tick iconExercise 5: Fence Length

For the garden shown in the diagram in Exercise 4 calculate the length of fence needed to enclose the fenced area of the garden in meters.

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Length of fence equals 10 m plus 20 m plus 10 m plus 20 m

prefix of equals 60 m

Thus the length of the fence needed to enclose the end of the garden shown is 60 m.

Tick iconExercise 6: Fenced Pond

The gardener has now decided that they want to build a circular pond in the garden with a diameter of 2 m.  As she has young children she also wants to erect a low fence around the perimeter of the pond. Calculate how much more fencing she will need to buy to enclose the pond quoting your answer to the 2 decimal places.

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The perimeter of a circle is its circumference.

Circumference equals pi multiplication diameter comma so colon

Length of fence equals pi multiplication two m

prefix of equals 6.28 m left parenthesis to two d full stop p full stop right parenthesis

Hence she will need to buy 6.28 m to enclose the pond.

10.8.2 Self-Check on Scale Diagrams

10.8.4 Self-Check on Areas