11.3 Graphs and Charts

Although tables are useful for summarizing a lot of data concisely, clearly, and accurately, sometimes you want to get an overall message across quickly. You can do this using a graph or a chart. Graphs can also be used to explore relationships between sets of data, such as the way in which a sunflower grows over a season.

Notepad iconActivity: Graphs and Charts

You have probably seen different types of graphs and charts in your day to day life, when watching the TV, reading a newspaper or on the Internet. Spend a few moments now writing down all the different types that you have seen—don’t worry if you don’t know the math language for these at the moment!

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Here are some we came up with:

Bar charts

Example bar chart

Pie charts

Example pie chart

Line graphs

Example line graph

Scatter graphs—similar to a line graph, but where the plotted points are not joined.

In this unit we will be looking at line graphs, pie charts, and bar charts. Keep an eye out for examples to see around you!

11.2.4 Analyzing the Tourist Table

11.3.1 Plotting Points