11.4.2 Component Bar Charts

If you wished to show how the totals were broken down into the different age groups, you could split each bar into three different sections where the length of each section represented the number of guests in that age group. The resulting component bar chart is shown below. Notice that a key or legend has been added to the graph to explain the shading for the different categories.

Described image

When you read a component bar chart, you need to find the height of the relevant section. For instance, the top of the section representing British adults is opposite the 10 on the vertical scale. The bottom of that section is opposite the 4. So the number of British adults is 10 minus four equals six.

Notepad iconActivity: Component Bar Chart

Draw the component bar chart for yourself from the hotel data and compare it to that shown above when you have finished.

11.4.1 Drawing a Bar Chart

11.4.3 Comparative Bar Charts