2.5. DEBI

A local example of developing communities of eco business practice in southwest England is DEBI. The Devon Environmental Business Initiative was launched to provide a focus for companies in the southwest with a sustainability ethos. It has developed and encouraged many organisations in the region wishing to promote ideas and seize opportunities to improve environmental performance, whilst assisting with education and awareness. Each year it holds an Awards Programme (13th in 2005) to celebrate the achievements of businesses, community groups and schools in Devon in working with the environment.

The front cover of the DEBI News from the Autumn 2005.

Above: The front cover of the DEBI News from the Autumn 2005, where competition winners were announced. Notably, one of the four Awards categories was Sustainability, for projects that take an holistic, imaginative approach to solving business issues.

2.4. Rainforest Alliance Mexico/Central America (USAID)

2.6. Market Transformation Programme (defra)