Unit 1: Math and You

1 Introduction

This unit is centered on introductory activities and opportunities to try solving them. (Don’t worry: There will be hints for you to use if you get stuck.) Some of these problems may seem more like puzzles than mathematics, and others will clearly fall into the category of math problems. But all of them bring up points about how to engage in math and what is useful to know before going on to the next units. In Unit 1, you’ll also start to learn how to use the web calculator—a useful tool when you are working online.

This unit includes a look at how best to organize yourself to be successful in learning math. This includes using a math notebook and making a schedule.

First of all, you are invited to meet a few people who will explain how they use math in their jobs. Succeed with Math would not exist were it not for people like these folks and you, who agree that knowing math is important and useful. So let’s get started!

1.0.1 What to Expect in this Unit