5.4 Reading and Writing Mathematics

Reading a piece of mathematics requires a more detailed and active approach than some other types of reading, so it is worth taking a few moments to think about strategies that you have used while working through this unit. Some useful tactics are summarized below, but you might want to add your own ideas to the list as well.

Reading Mathematics

  • Read carefully and check you understand any special terminology, symbols or abbreviations.
  • Make sure you understand and what it is you have to do.
  • Highlight (or underline) key pieces of information.
  • Check that you have all the information you need at hand, including skills and techniques learned earlier.
  • Add extra lines of working if that helps.
  • Draw a diagram (to help you visualize the problem) and put the information you have on it.
  • Mark the parts of the problems that you find difficult. You may want to come back to these or talk through the ideas with a friend or look on the Internet for some guidance.

5.3.5 Wrapping Up Negative Numbers

5.4.1 Writing Mathematics