8.0.1 What to Expect in this Unit

This unit should take around ten hours to complete. In this unit you will learn about:

  • Understanding percentages.
  • How percentages are related to fractions and decimals.
  • Calculating with percentages by hand and with the calculator.
  • Ratios.
  • Percentages and ratios in everyday life.

In Section 1, percentages and related calculator skills will be explored. Depending on your comfort level, this section might require you to spend extra time. Sale prices, restaurant tipping, and online shopping are a few of the examples you will look at.

In Section 2, you will study ratios. Hopefully, you will find the content of this section to be familiar as you apply ratios to decide whether you can afford to buy a hot tub.

In Section 3, you will have the opportunity explore these topics at a deeper level. Percent change and the Golden Ratio are two of the topics you will discover.

Section 4 provides a self-check, so that you can consider the development of your skills. Remember that your confidence will continue to increase the more you practice. You can do this by working through exercises on purchasing a flat-screen television and baking cookies!