8.1.2 Writing a Decimal as a Percentage

To turn a decimal back into a percentage, you can move the decimal point two places in the opposite direction to the right.

As an example: 1.245 equals 124.5 percent.

Let’s take a closer look—“percent” means “over 100,” so 100% is actually an equivalent way of expressing 100 divided by 100, which is the number 1. Multiplying by 100% does not change the value of a number; it just makes it look different.


If you’d like, you can show the conversion with one or both of the following steps:

For example: 0.723 equals 0.723 multiplication 100 percent equation left hand side equals right hand side open 0.723 multiplication 100 close percent equals 72.3 percent.

8.1.1 Writing a Percentage as a Fraction or Decimal

8.1.3 Writing a Fraction as a Percentage