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The diagram provides two examples of concerns which might be raised by a healthcare assistant, and suggestions with how each issue could be managed, as follows:

‘I do the night shift often as it is a little more money. I would like to continue doing it but am worried that the staffing levels are not high enough. I would like to raise a few things but I am really concerned that they will put me down as a troublemaker and maybe put me on an all-day shift.’

You should not be concerned about being labelled as a troublemaker as you have the responsibility of raising any concern, even if you don’t believe anything will happen. You should follow your employer’s procedure for raising concerns and put it in writing, and ask for a response with an update on what has been done.

‘I am really concerned that some of the equipment isn’t safe or fit for purpose. I raised it with my local manager but they didn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. A while later I tried to follow the internal process but never heard anything back.’

You did the right thing by raising your concern and it is the employer's responsibility to act upon it. You should go back to your local manager with your concerns in writing, requesting a response outlining what action is being taken, and seek trade union support where necessary.