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This picture is a hand-drawn sketch note. The general picture is of a landscape. In the sky are the words ‘OPENNESS and COLLABORATION’ surrounded by lines drawing away for/to the words. The land comprises of two rolling, hills. The hill on the left is in the foreground and is lower than the hill on the right. On the summit of the left hill are the words ‘Creative Commons’. From the top of the hill, coming down the middle is a path. Along the path from the top are the words ‘The paved cowpaths of microformats’, ‘the continuous virtuous feedback loop’, ‘mashup way’, ‘the way of the wind’. To the left of the path at the bottom of the hill is a stadium, full of people, labelled ‘The stadia of socialisation’, inside the stadium is a stage on which the words ‘Grateful Dead’ are written beside some musical notes. Above the stadium are the phrases ‘L:London’, ‘#tagging’, ‘@psd’; above these are the words ‘Creole languages’. Below the stadium at the end of the path is a cloud containing the words ‘The clouds of tagging’, to the right of this is a dome labelled ‘The blogsphere dome’. On the right-hand side of the path, on the left hill, above the blogsphere dome is a circus tent being put up by people. Above the tent are the words ‘barn raising’. Between the tent and the blogsphere dome is a web labelled ‘community of supportal’. To the right and above these highlighted in a star are the words ‘Open sources’. Below this (to the right of the tent) is a picture of a cave labelled ‘Apache springs’ and a cave labelled ‘source of Mozilla’; rivers run down the hill from here alongside other caves that are labelled but the labels are illegible.

The hill on the right sits behind the hill on the left. There is an observatory on the top of the hill. There are people on the hill and beside each person is a phrase, however each phrase is cut off as the full image is not shown.