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This is a screenshot from YouTube. It shows the part of the page with the information about the video.

At the top of this screenshot is the title ‘Josie Fraser: Connecting Open Practice (9 March 2016)’. Underneath this on the left-hand side is a small orange radial and the phrase ‘Open Research Hub’. Underneath the phrase is a box containing a tick with the word ‘subscribed’ and the number ‘54’. Underneath this are three buttons, the first button is labelled ‘Add to’, the second is labelled ‘Share’ and the third is labelled ‘…More’. On the far-right-hand side there is the phrase ‘31 views’; there is a dividing line underneath this and below that there is a thumbs-up symbol with the numeral ‘1’ beside it, and a thumbs down symbol with the numeral ‘0’ beside it.

Below all of this is a further box containing the following text:

‘Published on 14 March 2016

Keynote speaker at the OEPS forum 4, Stirling on 9 March 2016, Josie Fraser on connecting open practice.

Slides for Josie’s presentation are available here:

Category Education

Licence Creative Commons Attribution Licence (reuse allowed)

Remix this video’

Underneath all of this is the phrase ’SHOW LESS‘.