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This is a screenshot of the Google search engine. At the top of the picture is the search box which has the word ‘seaside’ in it. Underneath this is a row of headings as follows: ‘All’, ‘Images’, ‘Maps’, ‘News’, ‘Videos’, ‘More’, and ‘Search tools’.

Underneath this is a further rule of headings as follows: ‘Size’, ‘Colour’, ‘Type’, ‘Time’, ‘Labelled for reuse‘, ‘More tools’, and ‘Clear’.

The heading ‘Labelled for reuse’ shows a drop-down menu as follows:

  • ‘Not filtered by license’
  • ‘Labelled for reuse with modification’
  • ‘Labelled for reuse’ with a tick to the left-hand side
  • ‘Labelled for noncommercial reuse with modification’
  • ‘Labelled for noncommercial reuse’

In the background of the picture are 3 images of the seaside.