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This is a screenshot from YouTube showing the search filters.

At the top of the screenshot is the search box. In the search box is the word ‘dancing’. To the right of the search box is the phrase ‘About 333,000 filtered results’.

Underneath this there are 5 columns as shown in the table below:

Upload date Type Duration Features Sort by
Last hour Video Short (<4 minutes) 4K Relevance
Today Channel Long (>20 minutes) HD Upload date
This week Playlist Subtitles/CC View count
This month Film Creative Commons X Rating
This year Programme 3D

The ‘Creative Commons’ feature has an ‘X’ marked against it; this has been circled in red and has a red arrow pointing to it. [These details have been added on top of the screenshot and are not part of the website].

Underneath all of this on the right-hand side is the phrase ‘Clear all filters’.