This image depicts a completed quiz ‘review and submit’ screen.  On the left there is a ‘back to course’ button, just below it is a Heading labelled ‘Questions’ and below this are numbers 1 to 5 in a row. Below each number is either a tick indicating that all questions have been completed. On the right is a heading of ‘Review and Submit: Week 1 practice quiz’ with some text below it which says ‘You have reached the end of the quiz but you can still go back to any questions that are marked either ‘not completed’ or ‘tries remaining’ by clicking on the question number. If you have finished the quiz and are ready to submit your answers click on the ‘submit’ button to see how well you have done.’ Below this is a table with three headings of Question, Status and Marks. The questions 1 to 5 are listed below ‘question’, the status of ‘correct’ is listed for each question and the mark of ‘3.00’ is listed below ‘marks’. Below the table is are two links, one is labelled ‘Previous: question 5 summary’ and the other is labelled ‘Submit’.

 7.1.1 Question types