How many people are involved in an Insurance contract?

PROPOSER - is the person who is 18 years and above, who pays premium and is the policyholder. Proposer gets the Tax benefit.

LIFE INSURED - is the person whose risk of life is covered in the policy and on whose death DSA can be claimed.

NOMINEE - is the person who gets the claim in the event of death of Life Insured.

APPOINTEE - is the person who helps nominee get the claim in case nominee is a minor.

Example - 

Case 1 - Ram buys insurance policy for himself

Proposer = Ram

Life insured = Ram

Nominee - Ram’s family member like his wife or mother

Case 2 - Ram buys policy for his wife Sita

Proposer - Ram

Life Insured - Ram’s Wife Sita

Nominee - Not required because Ram himself will be the Nominee as he has paid for the policy.

Nominee is only required when both proposer and life insured are the same person. 

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