Do's and Don't in a Corporate Environment

Do’s of a workplace

  • Being respectful and courteous towards your superiors.
  • Dress appropriately in formals.
  • Stay positive in life
  • Be punctual always
  • Be courteous
  • Solve your own problems
  • Work hard ans smart
  • Be assertive but not aggressive
  • Stay organised
  • Be patient
  • Learn to handle work pressure
  • Be adaptive to the workplace environment
  • Be open to learning new things
  • Honour your working hours
  • Keep personal and professional life separate
  • Be ready to grab opportunities
  • Always seek clarifications over matters before making any assumptions to avoid misunderstandings

Don’ts of a workplace

  • Don’t be rude with colleagues/juniors/seniors
  • Avoid being chatty during trainings
  • Don’t fiddle with phone during the work and training hours
  • Don’t lose your temper 
  • Don't pay heed to grapevine
  • Do not pass racist comments or insult anyone for any reason
  • Do not take uninformed leaves

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