Opportunities Awareness - Activities

Activity: think about all your experiences so far including work experience, education, societies and clubs, positions of responsibility, volunteering, etc. What activities have you enjoyed? What would you try again? What can you rule out?

Activity: Ask your friends and families about their jobs, find out what’s available, and ask what an average day looks like. Could you imagine yourself enjoying that role, the company they work for, or the sector?

Activity: use the Prospects job profiles and sector insights to search through information about the sector and related job descriptions. Identify sectors and roles which interest you and you’d like to explore further. 

Prospects job profiles

Sector insights

Activity: sign up for alerts from jobs boards to review the kinds of vacancies coming through. Use these to tighten your preferences and eliminate options – perhaps you don’t have the right qualifications or grades, they ask for a number of years of experience, or there aren’t vacancies in the location you’re based in and you’ve realised you’re unable/unwilling to move. 

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