Answer the following (10 marks) 

Elucidate the principles of professionalism with respect to the teaching profession

‘Academic freedom is a necessary in the teaching profession.’ Justify with respect to need for academic freedom of teachers.

Explain in detail the following roles of a teacher: teacher as a practitioner-researcher and teacher as an instructional expert.

‘Preventive and Interventional measures  are essential to maintain classroom discipline’. Explain with suitable examples

Elucidate the main ideas in Gordon’s Model of Self Discipline


Answer the following (5 marks)

Concept of professionalism in teaching

Any two principles of professionalism in teaching

Teacher as a counsellor

Teacher as a manager

Remediation as a means of managing misbehaviour in the classroom

Preventive measures to ensure positive classroom management

Importance of academic freedom

Any three elements of Gordon’s Model of self discipline


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