Considering the relevance of your research


The rationale is the reason why you have selected the topic and the particular aspect of it that you have chosen to investigate – for example, the research question posed or the hypothesis proposed. Explaining the reason for your choice by referring to a wider context would be helpful. Maybe your research has been triggered by current interest in the media, your wider reading or a specialist interest or because you wanted to follow up in more detail something studied in another unit. For a more complete justification, good practice would be to support your explanation by referring to some secondary data from your literature search.

Relevance to sector

Your project should be relevant to health and social care and the research could be relevant because it relates to health care needs, raises awareness of health risks from particular behaviours, or relates to changing policies and practices.

Identifying relevance at this stage can support your rationale and aid interpretation, analysis and evaluation of your results in your project report.


In the forum, under your original posts, write a few sentences/paragraph on why you have selected your topic (question) and why it would be useful for the health and social care sector. to have information on it through your research

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