Why is a Team Important?


-          SV Points

-          Promotions

-          Motivation

-          Unlocking opportunity

-          Additional income 



How do the points work?


-          When your team places an order (whether for them or a customer) through their personal Nu Skin membership website, these points will count as your PSV (Personal Sales Volume) these are SV points that will be the only points that count towards your first promotion as a Brand Representative.

-          When you place an order through your own personal website this will count as GSV (Group Sales Volume) which will not count towards your first promotion.

-          When a member of team makes a sale through a link from the Nu Skin My Store App, these will also qualify as GSV and not PSV.

-          If you place an order through your Nu Skin MyStore App, these will qualify as PSV.


How a team helps you with SV points?


-          After you have qualified for your first 2000SV promotion and qualified as a Brand Representative, your teams points whether it counts as PSV or GSV for you, will go towards helping you hit your monthly Brand Representative target which is 2000SV points a month. 


  • Once you have qualified as a Brand Representative, having a team is what will help you hit the next levels in the business, unlocking a greater uncapped income. Without a team, you still have the capacity to reach uncapped earning potential but you cannot reach higher pin titles which unlock higher commission percentages. You will also struggle to reach a greater uncapped earning potential on your own.


  • Having a team motivates you to make the most of your business both financially and personally. When your team is doing well, you are doing well. Having people in your team really succeeding in their business motivates you to keep doing well in your business. Seeing people in your team who really want this opportunity motivates you to push harder for your goals and pushes you closer to your why. Motivation is key in this business and having the right team which is a strong team helps you to find motivation for yourself.


  • Having a team helps you earn additional commission off of sales which are not yours, unlocks various income avenues including building bonuses and leading bonuses, it also helps you with maximizing. Don't panic with all of these terms as you will learn more about these avenues as you move up in the business. 


  • As you can see having a strong team unlocks the full potential of the business for you. Between additional incomes, all-expenses-paid reward trips and pin titles. The opportunities with a team behind you is endless. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021, 10:42