Task Four: Cold Recruiting

Now that you know more about cold contacts, you can start speaking to them about joining the opportunity as a part of your team. Recruiting should be a task you do every single day, set a daily goal with how many people you want to speak to you and introduce to the opportunity. A good goal is about 30 people daily at the bare minimum. Don’t forget to add these people into the spreadsheet at the end of this unit. For this task, you need to contact 150 cold contacts about joining your team - you can break this up throughout your day or over a few days.


Be careful not to overdo how many messages you send in one day or in an hour as Instagram can block you from your account. 


Go into your messenger whether on Facebook or Instagram and go chronologically through your alphabet in those messengers or even in your followers or friends. Begin with the letter a and send a message to anyone who fits your criteria of who you are looking for to join your team. Then continue all the way from a-z in your contacts, friends or followers. 


Please remember you are messaging someone else you do not know. They are not going to care of the impact the business has made on YOU. Do not send out your messages and be self centered and only speaking about yourself. Speak only about them and how it can benefit THEM. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021, 12:14