Your responsibilities for your team

-          Sign up your new team member

-          Send them the welcome document

-          Send their contact number

-          Motivate them

-          Check in on them

-          Build a relationship


-          Send the sign up link to your new team member.

-          Ensure this sign up link is for their specific country, a tutorial to these links can be found later on in the training.

-          The most IMPORTANT part is to send your Brand ID along with the sign up message (this message can be found later on in the training units for recruiting.



-          Send the welcome document sent by your upline when you first joined, this document can also be found later on in this training unit.



-          Send your new team members WhatsApp number to any of the admins on Group On, so that your downline can now begin their training and receive important updates.



-          This business can be daunting in different ways for some people, it will always be your team member's responsibility to keep themselves motivated because there is only so much you can do if they are not. You can however be giving them a little push, whether it is on a daily or weekly basis, you can send them a message telling them they are doing amazingly and pushing them to do even better to accomplish their goals, or even sending a quote you think could help them.

-          Motivation is key in this business, you cannot reach the top without motivation.


-          Set aside 20 minutes of your day to send a message to your team members asking them how they are finding the business and if they are struggling in any areas. ALWAYS check with your upline how you can best help your team member because you are still learning too and don’t want to hinder your team member’s journey.

-          These check ins will be crucial to ensuring your team is always moving forwards and not plateauing.



-          This is a long-term business and even though during business hours are to push sales and build your business take a couple minutes at the end of each day or even a few times a week to get to know your team members on a more personal level because you are building an empire with your team and there needs to be trust and communication between you and them.

-          You can even take your team members out for a coffee or meet for a wine and chill over Zoom to all get to know each other’s lives and whys for this business and outside of this business. 



Add your responsibilities for your team to your schedule, whether you will be doing these responsibilities daily or weekly, write them in for the same days every week and be repetitive with what those activities need to be, for example:



  • Team Motivation

  • Check in with Amy

  • Answering team questions and concerns


  • Team Motivation

  • Check in with Brenda


  • Team Motivation

  • Recheck Amy’s progress with concern

  • Check in with Callum

  • Answer concerns


and so on. Scheduling as you know will be your best friend in this business.

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021, 12:45