Recruitment Strategies


There are so many different ways to recruit other than directly messaging or starting a conversation and beginning the process. 



  • Attraction marketing is the culmination of marketing efforts to draw customers to you and your brand. As with any marketing strategy, attraction marketing focuses on setting your brand apart from your competitors by making your company attractive to potential buyers. Attraction marketing is a marketing strategy that involves drawing people to your brand product or service by showing how it improved your life. 

  • It works by providing valuable information about the item before convincing customers to buy. It's a powerful marketing strategy for both lead generation and brand loyalty. 

  • Attraction marketing in our business is not only posting a poll asking if someone wants to join your team or posting a picture of a product, it is a daily effort showing your lifestyle now with the company, how your lifestyle has increased with the products. Our business is a lifestyle and that is what you need to post about in order to do attraction marketing. 

  • In network marketing, showing people how your product or service improved your own life is key to successful attraction marketing. It’s personal, valuable, and can help you build trust and market your brand more effectively.




  • Learning everything about your target audience is the first step to getting started with attraction marketing.

  • Who will find your brand appealing? And who do you want to work with?  Know their gender, age, and the channels they are likely using right now.

  • Beyond that, what are their challenges, their desires, and their personalities? In order to market to your ideal client, you’ll need to understand them beyond where they live and how old they are. And create an opportunity for them to learn from your branding message.

  • Successful network marketers and influencers don’t try to target just anyone. They locate their niche and tailor their story to start the right conversations in the right places.

  • To narrow down your ideal customer, create a mock clientele profile. Imagine your dream client and act as though you’re talking to them.

Be Authentic

  • For people to connect with your business, you should tell an authentic story. The majority of people prefer ads that have a clear narrative.

  • For network marketers, how and why the product they’re selling improved their lives. 

  • Sharing first-hand experiences builds trust between you and your potential customers. And lead generation is all about building trust.



-      After drawing people in with an engaging, conversational story, hit them with an offer that they can’t refuse.

-      Offer free information in your posts about skincare, ingredients in skincare to look out for, where to spend your budget that links to products or initiatives, these are just a few examples but come up with your own to relate to your brand and what you want it to say.

-      Maybe your first solution is a free consultation, or a sample of the product you’re selling, or a special discount. No matter what, it should be irresistible to your audience and leave them wanting more from your business in the future. 


Remember, your new customers and clients were attracted to a person and a story, not a business. Keeping conversations with them alive will help keep their interest in your company alive.

-      Attraction marketing can also be as simple as posting about you using your LumiSpa but speaking about what your plans are for the day, it can be posting about a hike you are going on in the middle of the day on Monday and saying this is what your business allows you to do, posting photos of the next success trip and saying I can’t believe my company is going to give me an all-expenses trip to reward me for all of my hard-work.


-      Polls and quizzes are a fantastic way to increase your engagement and the number of people you engage with, you will learn how to use polls and quizzes for sales in the sales unit.

-      Polls and quizzes for recruitment can be as simple as:

Example 1:

·         Are you interested in making an uncapped income alongside your other commitments? 


Example 2:

 Are you currently:

a. Studying

b. Working Full-Time

c. Working Part-Time

d. Unemployed

-      The possibilities for polls and quizzes are endless, all you need is a question and one piece of beautiful, attractive and simple content behind it.

-      With polls remember to only use double positives, try to avoid yes, no rather try yes, more information or yes, I want to join or yes, tell me more.


  • On Facebook and Instagram you can create an advert with a piece of content of your choosing and design that will be pushed out to the target audience you select.

  • These are ads that you will have to pay for so it will be done at your own discretion, these ads are incredible for sales and recruiting. You may select the amount you are willing to pay per day and how long you want the ad to run for. (Make sure this does not go against compliance - please run your content through Savannah).

  • When you do any ads for recruiting or sales you may not put the prices of the products on the ad, you may not put the compensation plan on a public source and you may not mention Nu Skin. 

  • If you are looking to do a paid ad send Savannah a message and ask her to help you with what you can put into the ad to follow compliancy regulations.  


  • Community groups are an incredible way to grow your network, find team members or find customers. 

  • It can be as simple as asking for donations or asking if anyone  needs to make an additional income at the moment; whatever it may be community groups are a place with people who have a commonality with you and are looking at the group for products or opportunities. 

  • There are so many community groups, forum groups, hobby groups, interest groups and chat groups on Facebook and even WhatsApp. 


  • In your daily routine, there is an entire network with their networks waiting to be discovered by you. Think about what you do on a daily basis like going to the office, going to the grocery store, going to the gym, going out for lunch, going out for coffee - whatever it may be, chat to the girl who gyms at the same time as you, chat to the woman in the line behind you, chat to the waitress with the great attitude or the person sitting at the table next to you. Remember this business is not only limited to woman, there are some very successful men in this business too, so don’t limit yourself to who you think would look based on their gender or appearance. 


These are just a few of the most effective recruiting strategies, along the way and throughout your journey, you will find the way which works best for you and new avenues to try. It is so important to never stop recruiting because this is how your business will continue to grow, without a strong team - you don’t have a strong business.

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021, 19:49