Introduction to pronunciation

Introduction to pronunciation

This part of the unit has been designed to improve your speaking and listening skills in Spanish. They originate from the Open University course Viento en popa but are suitable for independent use as well.

Start thinking about the value of pronunciation work in language learning by answering the following questions. There are no correct ‘answers’, only your opinion as it stands at present.

Rate each of the statements below according to the numbered responses:

  • 1= I fully agree

  • 2 = I partly agree

  • 3 = I don't agree

  • 4 = This has no relevance

(a) Correct pronunciation is important for effective communication.
(b) Spanish is easy to pronounce so pronunciation work is a waste of time.
(c) Good pronunciation skills involve listening to others and to oneself.
(d) Pronunciation work at post-beginner level involves a detailed knowledge of phonetics.
(e) Once the basic sounds have been learned the rest comes naturally through contact with the language.
(f) Intonation is the least important aspect of pronunciation.

We hope that both the following introduction and the exercises contained here will convince you of the importance of doing structured work on pronunciation skills.

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