1.4 About ROLE

The European project ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments) is aiming at empowering learners for lifelong and personalised learning within a responsive open learning environment. The project is advancing the state-of-the-art in human resource management; self-regulated and social learning; psycho-pedagogical theories of adaptive education and educational psychology; service composition and orchestration; and the use of ICT in lifelong learning.

ROLE is bringing forward the innovations in these different areas through research in the following directions:

  • User-centric approach to learning environments with a focus on end-user development to design and control a personal learning environment
  • Contemporary pedagogical models for personalisation in learning networks, self- regulated learning, and collaboration in networked communities
  • Contemporary engineering frameworks for designing, integrating, orchestrating, and evaluating learning services, tools, and content
  • Frameworks for evaluating learner interactions in learning networks
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