Activity 4: Use the EtherPad

Time: 20 minutes

In this activity, you will have the opportunity to explore the EtherPad via the ROLE widget. Depending upon your access time, you may or may not be able to create a collaborative document in the EtherPad.

If you are accessing the EtherPad on your own you could try to invite a colleague to join you using the following steps.

If you are part of a group already then please follow the steps listed below that outline an idea of how you might use the EtherPad.


The EtherPad Widget:


Step 1:

Type your name into the 'Enter your name here' option


Step 2:

Invite group members to join you in this collaborative environment. Indicate that you wish to discuss the arrangements for a forthcoming conference workshop.


Step 3:

The Discussion:

You are required to plan, organise and deliver, a hands-on activity within a 30-minute slot at an international conference venue. The audience is likely to be a mixture of novice and experienced Higher Education teachers with an interest in Open Educational Resources (OER)

Use the EtherPad to outline and capture your plan including details of:

  • Who, from your invitation list, is allocated to leading or facilitating the activity
  • Any essential OER materials that are required
  • The activity's learning outcomes & how they will be achieved
  • Necessary equipment that participants may need to use e.g. Internet access, pens, paper etc


Step 4:

At the end of the discussion, export your collaborative document to one of the available formats

Now read the discussion

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