2.4 Flora's learning approach

As it happens Flora chooses to take a guided city tour, which in many ways is similar to the traditional learning approach that Marcus adopted earlier in section 2.2. In Flora’s case, however, a guide plans the tour of Rome and shows every person the same sights so generally the whole tour group follows the  predefined plan of sightseeing. The guided city tour always visits the same places in the same order and has little flexibility built into the timetable. So it could happen that they are scheduled to visit the Fontana di Trevi (an outdoor attraction) when it is raining. Conversely when the sun is shining, the schedule may involve a visit to the Vatican (which is primarily an indoor attraction). The sightseeing tour has as set timetable and route.

Nonetheless Flora was happy with the guided city tour. It gave her a good overview of Rome but she realised afterwards that she could neither prioritise the sights she wanted to visit nor did she have any influence on the order or the time spent at any of the sights.

Figure 3: Flora takes a guided tour of Rome

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