2.5 Tim's Self Regulated Learning approach

In contrast, Tim adopted a different approach to his sightseeing of Rome: he decided and then carried out his trip based upon his own needs and personal priorities. Thus he selected sights he really wanted to visit and sought relevant information about them beforehand. Consequently he was armed with many relevant details when visiting the pre-selected attractions of great interest to him. He also had built in flexibility to his programme and could decide how long he stayed at any particular attraction. It was also possible for him to adapt his plans when the weather changed unexpectedly or, indeed, if he felt like skipping something he could do so too.

At the end of the day Tim reflected on the sights he had seen and realised that his pre-planning enabled him to gain many insights into the history and development of Rome. He also felt that he had learned a lot from his visit.

Figure 4: Tim decided to regulate his sightseeing

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