3.1 Amanda's Self Regulated Learning journey

As an overview Amanda is 42 years old and has chosen to study a Human Biology course from the Open University, UK. She is a mature student who has worked for many years and would like to broaden her horizons. She likes to learn but because she is working full time needs to be disciplined in her approach to the new studies. For example she needs to mark all the critical dates from her course in her personal calendar right away as she must have a good overview of what is going to happen in the forthcoming weeks and months. The Open University is a distance teaching institution and always supplies an overview study calendar for all their courses so this task is made easy for Amanda to carry out.


Figure 5: Amanda has to make many choices about her learning journey


Before the course commences, Amanda decides to prepare herself for it by considering updating her educational technology related skills keeping in mind that it is sometime since she has taken any academic courses or used technology directly to aid her learning. Thus she starts her study preparation by trying to find an online course that focuses on the new learning technologies because her OU Human Biology course is going to be delivered primarily in an online environment.

In essence Amanda is going to approach her Human Biology course as follows:

1. Setting her goals

2. Looking for appropriate and recommended learning tools

3. Using those learning tools to enhance her skill set

4. Reflecting on the learning process

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