3.3 Amanda looks for learning tools

Before starting the first part of her new Human Biology studies, Amanda reads the necessary introductory texts and similarly has a look at the reference lists that are also provided to support the course. As a next step she identifies some new definitions and terms she has to learn. Over the years she has accumulated a varied selection of different learning techniques to help assimilate such content appropriately.

For her current task, outlined above, she uses a familiar, tried and tested, technique: she reads the definitions twice and in a third run she makes notes about the different terms by writing them on index cards: e.g. the name of the term on one side and the actual definition on the other. She also prepares herself by repeating out loud the new terms she has learnt in the course. Before the next part of the course starts she tries to recall the terms she has learnt in her previous study sessions.


Figure 7: Amanda considers different learning tools


Amanda is aware that there may be other appropriate learning techniques available to her - not just the ones she has relied on previously. With this in mind she seeks to find and use further widgets in order that she may locate a wider variety of new learning techniques, tools and materials. This process is sometimes referred to in terms of as using a "mashup recommender" service too. Whichever way it is described, it allows Amanda to identify further learning techniques, tools and materials gathered from a series of different sources that may have been recommended or highlighted by peer groups.

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