3.4 Amanda uses the learning tools

Now that Amanda had located some new learning techniques, associated tools and materials she wishes to use them. The first widget that she found, enabled her to list her learning goals for the Human Biology course. Amanda had already established her PLE, so following the instructions given to her from her course tutor she was able to add the Goal Setting widget easily to her PLE and use it straight away. She has already recorded some of her goals as complete!


Figure 8: Amanda uses a ROLE widget in her PLE


At the end of the first part of the course, Amanda takes time to reflect on her performance as well as about the purpose of the Goal Setting tool and what she has learnt. Amanda thinks she has reached her goal for this stage and she feels that she is really motivated to use the tools she has identified again both within this course and elsewhere. She is also looking forward to the next part of the Human Biology course because it involves another area of learning that is new to her.

Before completing the Human Biology course, however, Amanda decides to reflect upon her learning journey by recording it in her PLE.

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