4.1 Conclusion

This course introduced the concepts and practical implementation of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and Self Regulated Learning (SRL).

In effect, a PLE can facilitate the individual or collaborative study of user-chosen types or blends of different types of material from a variety of sources using widgets and widget bundles. These materials can also include access to Open Educational Resources (OERs).

It is important to understand that tailoring a PLE is enabled by the micro-applications called widgets, which allow users or learners to create an access point to their chosen set of distributed and diverse resources. This scenario usually takes place in order to carry out a particular task that may be related to a learning need.

The PLE is essentially the enabling technology for SRL, which describes an individual’s ability to learn how to learn. In other words, each of us can develop a wide-ranging skill set that enables us to learn in a number of different ways.

The ROLE project has developed a psycho-pedagogical model about SRL, as well as a number of tools for supporting SRL. You can use these tools in order to apply the SRL principles on your own learning and build your PLE for your own learning purposes.

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