10.2 Useful websites

The Higher Education Academy(HEA) website has a wealth of information and reources, some of it a bit tricky to find, relating to teaching and learning in higher education. It is certainly a good starting point to finding out what is going on in the sector


Action Research in Education is part of a general educational research website created by Plymouth University. It is highly practical in focus and full of useful advice.


EvidenceNet includes a range of resources on evidence-informed practice, including action research, and features reports on projects undertaken by individual academics from a variety of subject areas.


ProDAIT, Professional Development for Academics Involved in Teaching, is a general CPD website but includes information on various approaches to researching teaching and learning.


The Action Research site at the Southern Conneticut State University provides a good overview of the concepts underlying action research, as well as information on how to conduct and analyse action research. 


Action research resources is a huge website on all aspects of action research, including links to papers and theses on action research. Not sure how up to date it is.


In addition, there is a web page which simply lists all other places to go online for resources on action research:


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