7. Comparing and evaluating the models

Blog: Now make a note of your views on the key strengths and weaknesses of each the models in the context of your own personal practice using in a table like the one below. You can download this activity as a Word document if required.




Kolb, 1984

Rolfe, 2001

Pedler et al, 2001


Other(s) you know of?

Activity 7.1

Blog: Choose one of these models you would like to use to frame a reflection and explain why you would prefer this one over the others? Write a brief reflection on a recent experience at work using the model you have chosen (200-300 words). You might want to focus on an example of

  • a meeting you have attended
  • a talk or presentation you have given
  • a communication you were part of
  • a performance discussion
  • a discussion with a colleague
  • or choose another

Finally, you may wish to post your reflection in the Chat room and note how fellow students have approached this task. How did you find your choice of framework? Did it help you to structure you reflection effectively? 

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