The Seasons: Spring

Spring:  New flowers start to appear.  It is still easy to see the birds as the trees are just starting to bud and the small birds are all busy looking for mates and building nests.

Spring:  Snowdrops with tiny drops of dew, photo taken from ground level looking up through the snowdrops into the bright blue sky.

More flowers start to appear and suddenly the leaves are back without you noticing it happening. 

It is exciting to look out for the first of the butterflies.

Orange tip butterflies* are around now they lay their eggs on the cuckoo flowers.  Sometimes the cuckoo flowers come out but the weather decides to go back to winter and there is no chance for butterfly sightings.

Spring:  Orange tip male and female butterfly among small white flowers called greater stitchwort, among the green blades of grass.

*Orange Tip Butterfly

The orange tip butterfly is white, the male has a distinctive orange tip to it’s forewings, the female just has black wing tips.  Underneath their wings is the most incredible green veined camouflage pattern on white.

They are a butterfly to see here earlier in the year, from about April for a few months.

The caterpillars are cannibalistic and so only one egg is laid under a single flower bud.  They are often found on the cuckoo flower. 

male orange tip butterfly among the grass and cuckoo flowers
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