Turleum Hill

The Farm Field:  Turleum Hill:  Side of tractor on ploughed dark brown farm field the furrows are ready for tatties (as we call potatoes).  The steep slope of the field moves up to show trees (some green with leaves others still with winter brown) and Turleum Hill in the background with a light blue and cloudy sky above.

Turleum Hill:  This is my favourite hill.  We used to paint it in Art at school as we could see it in the distance from our classroom window.  I have always loved and taken photos of this hill but only recently actually climbed it.  It is a hill that you can see from many walks in the town of Crieff.  It is called Torlum but most people around here call it Turleum.  Apparently Torlum is Latin, Turleum is old Scots/Gaelic.

Turleum hill behind field with hay bales in it

Here is the amazing view from the top of Turleum Hill on the day that I finally climbed it:

Snowy scene of view from the top of Turleum Hill with cairn and blue sky

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