Dragonflies and Damselflies

I usually have to go on away days to find dragonflies but occasionally, throughout the Summer, I am lucky enough to see a dragonfly on this walk. 

Dragonflies are usually much larger and stockier than damselflies and have their wings spread out when resting whereas a damselfly is mostly much smaller and usually has it's wings folded back when resting.

I love the large hawker dragonflies.  Mostly I just see them zooming past along the river or. if at a pond. flying round and round the edge.  For that reason I find it very difficult to get a photo of one.  However very occasionally I spot one sitting still. 

large yellow and black dragonfly amid green grass

The smaller dragonflies can be spotted sitting still more often and so are easier to get a photo of.

dragonfly sitting on stones

I love the electric blue of the damselflies, you can get various different types on this walk including red but the blue ones are the most common to see.

red damselflies mating among the green plants

blue damselfly close up on blade of grass

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