I was born in 1976 and I am from Portugal. Very soon I had a special affection for art.

I started to paint oil on canvas in 1996 and since then I can not stop expressing myself. I did many painting exhibitions in my home town including in some Portuguese museums, and I participated in painting awards abroad, mainly online.

I had one painting atelier in my town, where I sold some of my paintings and taught some people.

I did an artist comprehensive career diploma at Penn Foster Career School in the United States of America, and I graduated in 2012.

In 2015 I applied for a Bsc in Arts Education for life experience in Oneida University, in the United States of America, which I achieved. Yet my diploma is not recognized in my country, even being an accredited university.

Today I am focused on another kind of artistic experiences like teaching art online, in the Open University, on their open learning platform for creating courses, which I think it is a great project and I feel honoured to participate.