I was born in 1976 and I am from Portugal. Very soon I had a special affection for art.

I started to paint oil on canvas in 1996 and since then I can not stop expressing myself. I did many painting exhibitions in my home town including in some Portuguese museums, and I participated in painting awards abroad, mainly online.

I had one painting atelier in my town, where I sold some of my paintings and taught some people.

I did an artist comprehensive career diploma at Penn Foster Career School in the United States of America, and I graduated in 2012.

In 2015 I applied for a Bsc in Arts Education for life experience in Oneida University, in the United States of America, which I achieved. Yet my diploma is not recognized in my country, even being an accredited university.

Today I am focused on another kind of artistic experiences like teaching art online, in the Open University, on their open learning platform for creating courses, which I think it is a great project and I feel honoured to participate.

Courses tagged with "claudia"

This article is about the collection of courses intituled Introduction to Plastic arts courses. It includes some information about how to go through the courses and the badges you can earn.
The courses are free, of beginner level which makes it easy to learn more about arts.
Theory and practice are included in the collection. Feel free to enrol on the courses and you will see they are interesting and they might be useful for you if you are interested in becoming an artist.
This course is an exhibition of the works of the students of the open courses about art, in Open Learn Create
You will learn what is art and  do the difference between art crafts and artworks, you know what is aesthetical in art and you can appreciate an artwork
This course is about the Colour Theory. You can earn a badge if you achieve 50% or more.

This course is an approach to some concepts about perspective. You can earn a badge if you answer the quiz and pass with 50% or more.

In this small course material you will find some exercises in pencil and as well painted with color pencils or pastels

The course has wide subjects and a ten question quiz.

Try it it's all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An approach to portraits is a course about some theory of how to draw portraits.
You can earn a badge if you achieve 50% or more on the quiz.
this course is an introduction to the practice of arts. You will also have an idea of general practices, and a glimpse of what you can do, by giving examples of artworks which are my artworks. You can decide if you want to learn the practice with me or not.

This is an approach to watercolor being it such a specific media, I decided to bring together some knowledge I have about watercolors.

I hope you enjoy the exercises and try to do them too.

Who knows if you are not a talented artist…

In this course, you will learn how to do an oil painting.

You will learn about color and shapes and a glimpse to abstract art

The main objective of this course is to introduce you to arts

In this course, you will learn theory aspects like color and shape

you will find also some practice exercises.
In this course, I talk about how to paint with acrylic and how to combine plaster with acrylic. I did an assemblage and diverse exercises
This course is about ancient art history and it has a quiz with ten questions.

This is a summary of the art of the ancient world.

This is art history part two which is more focused on evolution according to time until our days
This course is an introduction of descriptive geometry
The course describes how to interpret a poetical text which can be poetical prose too. This article relates to tips to understand the poetical language. The main objective of this material is to help you to do a poetical analysis of a poetical text.

You can also win a symbolic badge if you read the page and do the quiz. The quiz has 7 questions and you need 50% or more to pass and earn the badge.

Category: English
This course is a summary of an interpretation of a poem. In this case a song.
I use figures of speech and many other literary devices, to describe what is the context of the poem, which talks about emotions.
Category: English

In this course, you will learn techniques about how to type your essays or more things you have to learn, to do college writing.

Category: English
This course is about the evolution of the calculator machine. You can earn a badge if you answer the quiz and achieve 50% or more.
Category: History
Brief History of The United States of America is a course where you can learn about the formation and history of the USA. You can earn a badge if you achieve 50% or more in the quiz.
Category: History
This course will introduce you to the French Revolution and some of its details.
Category: History