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Figure 8 has two photographs each showing collections of plastic components. The left-hand image shows 7 items produced by moulding. It is difficult to tell what they are from the photograph but their shapes and sizes vary. They are all solid and their sectional shapes will vary depending on where the section is actually taken. 5 are symmetrical about an axis but the other two have no symmetry. The left-hand image contrasts sharply with the right-hand image that has five items produced by extrusion. Four of these items are made from different forms of plastic. The sections of the four plastic extrusions are a hollow rectangle with rounded corners, a tube with a thick wall, a flat solid rectangle with raised portions and a very complex hollow section. The fifth item is a type of pasta called penne, which is tubular with a thin wall. The image shows a bowl of penne.

 1.2.2 Disposable pens and mass production