9.3 OIE

‘Harmonisation of national antimicrobial resistance surveillance and monitoring programmes’

‘Monitoring of the quantities and usage patterns of antimicrobial agents used in food-producing animals’

OIE (2019a), with an equivalent set of standards for AMR and AMU surveillance in aquatic species in Chapters 6.4 and 6.3, respectively, of the Aquatic Animal Health Code (OIE, 2019b)

OIE standards for AMR and AMU surveillance in terrestrial and aquatic animals raised for human consumption and in animal-derived food products.

  • Supports a One Health approach to AMR surveillance by targeting resistance to priority antibiotics for human health in zoonotic bacteria that may be transmitted to humans.
  • Focuses on AMR surveillance in animals, animal-derived food products and animal feed.
  • Strong focus on representative sampling of populations to generate unbiased estimates of AMR prevalence in zoonotic bacteria.
  • Discusses sample sources, sample types and associated surveillance outputs.
  • The AMU surveillance guidelines describe sources of AMU data, types of AMU data and reporting formats, with a short section on interpreting results.