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REAct (Rights - Evidence - Action)

REAct (Rights - Evidence - Action)

Welcome to the course REAct (Rights-Evidence-Action): Implementing a human rights documentation and monitoring system.

This pilot course has been developed by Frontline Aids in partnership with the Open University as part of the work of the ACCESS Consortium.

The ACCESS Consortium (Approaches in Complex and Challenging Environments to Sustainable Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) was funded by UK Aid from the British people.

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REAct is a community-based human rights monitoring and response programme which documents and responds to human rights-related barriers that individuals experience in accessing services at community level.

REAct enables organisations to: 

    • record data about human rights violations experienced by individuals
    • provide and refer them to health, legal and other public services
    • use this data to inform quality human rights-based programming, policy and advocacy at national, regional and global levels.

This pilot course will be a available for people identified by Frontline Aids partner organisations as future ‘REActors’.

Learners on the course will receive additional support in the form of synchronous webinar sessions from Frontline Aids trainers and will also make use of the Course forum. You will be emailed separately by Frontline Aids before the course starts with all the details you need.

The six units that make up the course will introduce you to REAct and your role as a REActor.

If you complete all six units and both the start-of-course and end-of-course surveys you will be eligible to claim a Certificate of completion.

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  • REAct (Rights - Evidence - Action): Implementing a human rights documentation and monitoring system

    REAct (Rights - Evidence - Action): Implementing a human rights documentation and monitoring system

    An introductory course for volunteers and staff using Frontline Aids’ REAct programme to document human rights abuses.

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    6 hrs

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