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Climate Compatible Growth

Climate Compatible Growth

This collection is developed by a set of important UN and International Organizations together with the Climate Compatible Growth (#CCG) program. They focus on simple toolkits used to develop energy balances; energy projections; energy investment; emissions and renewable integration modelling; integrated Climate, Land, Energy, and Water modelling; system of systems modelling; and basic energy infrastructure financing.

Climate Compatible Growth (#CCG) is a UK government, ODA-funded research programme supporting investment in sustainable energy and transport systems to meet development priorities.  

We believe in partnership. These courses are open to all and we invite you to join us as we join with others to develop capacity for better evidence-based policy making with analysts and academics from across the world. The tools are open source and have been developed by forward-looking organizations, who know the importance of community accessibility, continuous improvement, and accountability.  

We believe that the future needs to be co-created with open minds and with shared knowledge and tools. Alone you can go fast, together we can go far. Please watch the video below for an introduction to the purpose and importance of these courses.  It is recommended that you hold down the Crtl button on your keyboard and click on the link below to open it in a new window.

Climate Compatible Growth collections - please enrol on the courses in the most recent collection.

November 2021 collection of courses

June 2021 collection of courses

The courses

OnSSET/The Global Electrification Platform

In this course, participants will learn about geospatial energy modelling in the tools Open Source Spatial Electrification Tool (OnSSET) and World Bank’s Global Electrification Platform.

Energy and Flexibility Modelling: OSeMOSYS & FlexTool

Participants will learn to use energy modelling tools to understand the investments needed to meet growing energy demands alongside environmental and energy security constraints, while assessing system flexibility to account for high renewables penetration.

FinPlan (Financial planning of energy infrastructure) and investment pipelines

FINPLAN: Financial modelling to support the planning of energy projects that achieve sustainable development outcomes.

Energy Balance Studio and MAED (demand projections)

In this course, participants will learn about energy system analysis and how to use two of the IAEA modelling tools: Energy Balance Studio and the Model for Analysis of Energy Demand.

Introduction to CLEWs

An introduction to integrated modelling of Climate, Land, Energy and Water systems for sustainable development policy.

Infrastructure and Climate Resilience

This course is centred around the role that infrastructure systems play in enabling climate-compatible and sustainable development in an uncertain future, providing the latest science and tools in this field.

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