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Community Learning Development in Scotland

Community Learning Development in Scotland

Welcome to the Community Learning Development in Scotland home page

The Open University in Scotland, with funding from the Scottish Government, are supporting the Scotland’s Community Learning and Development (CLD) workforce with access to learning opportunities needed to develop and update their skills.

This portal provides the next step in providing accessible training to the CLD workforce to develop areas such as digital skills and confidence, taking teaching online pathways into education and how to get credit for informal learning. The OU in Scotland are working in partnership with Education Scotland, CLD Standards Council and the Digital Communities Award Team.

The portal is split into 5 areas:


This provides direct access to free OU courses split into the following areas:

  • Digital competence of the individual
  • Skills for collaboration and organisation
  • Skills to facilitate learning


Upskill with our growing range of Microcredentials. These professional development short courses are designed to help you quickly build in-demand career skills and knowledge to stay up to date with relevant and emerging practices, progress in growing industries, and get ahead.  There are courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  

There is also an opportunity to apply for a free place on Micocredential courses, supported by the Scottish Funding Council Upskilling fund. 

CLD Standards Council

This provides information about the CLD Standards Council and what they do.

Digital CLD Award

This provides information about the Digital CLD Award Scheme and what they do.

Education Scotland

This provides information about Education Scotland and what they do.

Complete the Survey

Now that you have had an opportunity to look at this portal, we would like to get to know you better and understand the needs of the CLD workforce. 

Please could you take a moment to complete the CLD portal user survey. This will allow us to respond your needs, improve the portal and allow us to provide a report to the Scottish Government on the progress of this initiative.

Many Thanks, The Open University in Scotland

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