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CLD Standards Council Scotland

CLD Standards Council Scotland

CLD Standards Council

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The CLD Standards Council Scotland is the professional body for people who work or volunteer in community learning and development in Scotland.

We are a member led organisation. Our approach and work plans to deliver our core responsibilities are defined by our member committees and based on feedback from the wider membership.


Our vision is that the communities and people of Scotland are served by CLD practitioners that are recognised as competent, confident and committed to equality, empowerment and life-wide learning for all.


Our mission is to drive high standards of professional practice in the CLD sector by the approval of professional learning, the registration of practitioners and the enabling of professional development, working with our members to be a voice for the profession.

Our core responsibilities are:

  • Deliver a professional approvals structure for qualifications, courses and development opportunities for everyone involved in CLD.
  • Maintain a registration system available to practitioners delivering and active in CLD practice.
  • Develop and establish a model of supported induction, CPD and training opportunities.

The importance of professional learning

Everyone needs professional learning and development. Whether a person is a full time, part time or voluntary CLD practitioner, qualified or unqualified, they need to undertake professional learning and development in order to develop and maintain their practice.

The Standards Council believes that practitioners should continue their professional development throughout their involvement in CLD, with professional learning as an integral part of their practice.

CLD Competent Practitioner Framework

The Competent Practitioner Framework brings together the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that make up competence in CLD practice. The Framework is used by practitioners, training providers and employers to reflect on, develop and strengthen practice. 

The Framework comprises the 7 competences, 5 key attributes and the definition of a competent practitioner.

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